If you’ve been trying hard to get new construction jobs in London but haven’t been chosen, it might be time to look at your resume. A good resume is your first chance to get a job interview. Instead of just getting done with your resume, try spending some time to make it stand out from the crowd. Here are some tips to help you get better at writing resumes and show off your skills.

What should be on your construction resume?

Everyone wants their resume to be noticed and stand out. The best way to make sure your resume gets more than just a quick glance is to include all the specific information a future employer will need to call you in for an interview and recruit you for the job. Link Force provides Construction Jobs in London you can apply with an updated resume.

Specific Skill Set

Be specific about the details you put on your resume. Use concrete evidence and hard data to show a possible employer what you can do. For example, if you list scheduling as a skill, don’t be vague. Instead, say that 90% of your projects are completed on time. Use language to show what you’re good at. Instead of talking about how you made things safer, you could talk about how your digital reporting was 60% more accurate and produced more useful data. When you list your specific skills on your resume, you make it easier for your future team’s needs to match up with your skills. Multiple Construction Jobs in London available now at Link Force you can quickly apply through link.

Design Planning

Reading and following blueprints is one of the most important skills in building. Blueprints have important information about sizes and specs, as well as instructions for materials and how to put things together. To make sure your resume is complete, make sure to show that you can read blueprints.

Knowledge of the rules

Your construction profile should have information that shows you know:

  • Rules for safety
  • Building Guidelines
  • Rules about the environment and safety set by OSHA

All employers will want to hire people who know this. Your resume will stand out from the rest if it shows that you not only know the rules but are also willing to follow them and keep learning. Highlight this point if you have specific education or experience in regulation and compliance. If you were on a task force or committee for safety in the past, say so.

Management Skills

Managerial skills are the most demanded set of skills inthe constructed industry. In your construction resume, you should list any administrative or management skills you have. Not every team will need a manager, but having this experience can help you get a promotion or move up in your career.

Unique Skills

Any software, management, team-leading, or other skills that you have learned should also be brought up. For example, if you are good at Civil engineering jobs london, you should mention that in your resume. In addition to the skills you should list on your resume, you should also make sure to bring a clean, clearly printed copy of your resume to your interview.


If your resume is well-written and organised, you will stand out from other people who want new construction jobs. When you add that to the fact that companies need qualified workers, you should be on your way to a great job in construction.

What can we do to help?

Looking for a Construction jobs in London? Contact Link Force that has a team of experienced commercial construction recruiters to talk about your career path or look at our open positions. Get your dream career in the construction industry with Link Force construction recruitment agency.