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Self Employed Contractors

Self-employed worker, in the construction industry, works for themselves by sourcing and completing tasks on their own or by utilizing an agency. As a worker, people can work independently or as part of any construction group, or they can employ others in their own business. Employment for self is viable in a wide variety of occupations, whether there is a skilled task such as painting, carpentry, decorating, or services such as consulting engineers or architects.

Self Employed workers at Link-Force

Link-force has access to many construction workers who operate as employed contractors and have experience in certain skills or professions, and they have the capacity to manage their own funds and responsibilities. Depending on the position required by the company, a self-employed worker may possess specific qualifications to demonstrate their expertise in areas such as plumbing, heating, gas, or electrical work. The more credentials they possess, the more diverse their skill set is and, thus, the more likely they are to adapt to your business requirements.

Qualifications and Expertise

Many self employed contractors are qualified in certain areas of expertise that give them an edge over individual workers, such as:

  • Engineering
  • Surveying
  • Construction administration
  • Architecture
  • Real estate and planning
  • Architectural design
  • Architecture of the landscape

Along with the complex areas of construction, these contractors master various skill sets that can help them work more efficiently and effectively. These skills may include:

  • Tiling
  • Plastering
  • Painting and interior design
  • Bricklaying.
  • Engineering.
  • General building construction.
  • Administration and business.

Additionally, anyone having a career as a self-employed contractor may possess some of the following skills:

  • Building and construction knowledge and experience.
  • Superior time management abilities..
  • A working knowledge of finance.
  • The ability to effectively collaborate with others or to work independently.
  • Excellent attention to detail.
  • Aspiration for success and a desire to achieve.
  • The capacity to be adaptable and receptive to change..

What is the role of a Self Employed Contractor?

Depending on your requirements, Link-Force can provide employed contractors who can multi-task and can manage a variety of different responsibilities, including:

  • Creating new commercial opportunities.
  • Making personal visits to consumers and clients to appraise jobs and discuss issues.
  • Bargaining with suppliers and customers to obtain the best profit margins possible.
  • Managing workers both on and off-site to ensure proper operation.
  • Completing administrative and financial documentation, such as VAT and tax returns.
  • Strategic planning for the firm and resolving difficulties with customers, suppliers, and staff.
  • Pursuing training in order to increase employment options.

Depending on the type of job, budget, and responsibilities, a self-employed contractor can be of the most useful in terms of getting the job done the right way and working according to the company’s strategic decisions.


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