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The construction industry is growing rapidly, and businesses are having a hard time finding qualified workers they can trust. There are new challenges with the rapid change in trends and vast changes in the new constructions job market. You need a construction recruitment partner who can fill in the important gaps in your team and help you finish projects on time and on budget. Link Force can put your business in touch with skilled construction workers and general laborers who are experts in their fields and care about safety as well.

Construction Jobs We Fulfill

We can help you whether you need skilled helpers or people to do general work. Our Skilled Trades division hires and sends out tradespeople, and it also fills a wide range of other positions.

  • Carpenters
  • Electricians
  • Plumbers
  • Welders
  • Flaggers
  • Cleanup crew
  • Site maintenance workers

Other than these construction jobs in London, a lot of construction companies are looking for temporary workers as well.

What are the advantages of hiring a temporary worker?

There are a number of advantages to using temporary workers:

Temporary workers can help your full-time, permanent workers out and make their jobs easier. This can help a lot to keep people from leaving or getting tired of their jobs. When you have enough people on staff, your regular workers have more time and energy to do their regular jobs.

One of the best ways to find people who might be good for a full-time permanent job is to hire temporary workers. You can see their skills and personality for yourself before making a decision. Temporary staffing is often easier and cheaper than hiring someone full-time right away. We have access to a large network of people who want to work. We can also help you find the best temporary workers quickly.

How long can a temporary worker work for you?

Temporary jobs shouldn’t last longer than a year and should have a clear end date. Under the law, you can’t hire the same temp worker for more than two years in a row. As an employer, you can decide how long a temporary employee will work for you. Long-term relationships can last for several weeks or even months, and they can happen seasonally or every year. Having complete access new constructions job market, we can analyze and evaluate your needs and will provide you with a full-time or temporary worker, based on the job you posted.


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