Self-employment means that you are your own boss. You have to give both effort and risk. You can think about what you will require in your business and what you should provide for your business.

Sole Trader

It is the most common form of business organization. It is very simple to start a sole trader business. It is easy to set up. It is a business owned by just one person. It means he is his boss. And his personal and company accounts are the same. That means he doesn’t have an advantage or limited liability.


It is a legal agreement between two or more partners to start a company. Partners can have their profits according to the capital they have invested. The work is distributed among both partners. The agreement would be changed in the event of retirement, death, or admission of a new partner. This is also called an unincorporated business because they don’t have their own legal identity. Partnership businesses also don’t have the advantage of limited liability.

Limited Company

It is a company that has its own separate legal identity. They have the benefit of limited liability. Their business accounts and their accounts are not the same. There are 2 types of limited companies: private limited and public limited. The following are the Self Employment Jobs London:


Laborers and workers who work at construction sites or provide their services like repairing, plumbing, etc. are called self-employed. This work doesn’t need qualifications; it just needs experience and practice to work with tools and machinery. They may need some diploma certificates to show to their customers.


A photographer can work on different projects, like doing shoots of models and doing marketing photography for any brand or outlet. Or doing photography of personal events. Making a studio can make them more attractive, and they can attract more clients. This needs a specific degree or a diploma certificate. Photographers can also generate income by selling their photos of any creative object.

Event Coordinator

An event planner or a coordinator plans events like marriages, birthdays, and political and corporate functions. A professional event coordinator can also plan logistics for office meetings. The work of an event planner is that he has to arrange the things the customer has asked him for. Like a good and attractive venue, food, decoration, etc.

Freelance Writer

A content writer or a freelance writer can write articles for their clients in different niches. And their articles are posted on different websites, newspapers, etc. Many people also need freelancers for the marketing of their brands or outlets.

Social Media Manager

A social media manager manages the social media accounts of the companies they work for. Their main purpose is to do marketing for the company through different posts, questions, answers, etc.

The pros of being self-employed

Creative Freedom

Having creative freedom is respect towards your work. Working under a manager won’t allow you to show your creativity. You can choose your projects on your own, on which you have to work.

Better Job Satisfaction

You have your aims that you have to focus on. It is very satisfying when you are working alone and you achieve your target.

No day is the same

Working in any department will make you bored, just working on the same thing every day. If you are self-employed, you will find some changes in your work, like working on a specific thing one day and then switching to another. So, if you’re looking for top construction recruitment agencies for construction jobs in London, contact Link Force.