The Link-force Construction Recruitment Services specialize in the recruitment of skilled construction personnel on a contract, temporary and permanent basis, to all types of construction companies. If you are looking to employ staff, The Link-force can help you achieve your goals. The Link-force has developed strong relationships with many clients throughout the country, including some of the largest in the industry.

Service Overview

link-force is a proprietary method of providing new construction recruitment services to clients, using social media and technology to provide market awareness for companies looking to hire in various fields. The service provides a turnkey solution from concept to execution; from brand development and intellectual property creation to marketing and lead generation campaigns. It allows companies with less-than-optimal budgets an opportunity for successful new construction recruitment. These same services are available for existing businesses in need of expansion or acquisition. We accomplish our goals by utilizing quality manpower at low rates; thus, eliminating costs associated with traditional methods such as print advertising or other forms of prospecting. All while presenting candidates with accurate information that they can evaluate themselves on their own time, throughout their day.

Understanding the Construction Industry

For those in any career field, it’s difficult to say you know a specific industry inside and out. The construction industry is one of those fields that requires a deep level of expertise. To become a success in construction recruitment means knowing everything from plumbing codes to bricklaying techniques. Not only do you need technical knowledge, but also business acumen Construction workers are becoming more and more independent, so they need your guidance as well as employment opportunities. It’s not an easy field to be successful but it is rewarding for those who can adapt.

If you want to get into new construction recruitment services, it helps to understand what makes up new construction today. Understanding is not enough though. You need to know how to get new construction work daily and also maintain strong relationships with new construction clients. Your potential as a successful new construction recruitment agency all comes down to your willingness to adapt and evolve with your industry. New construction projects can vary drastically in scope, size, and type so you need to be able to quickly change gears when necessary.

Integrating Ourselves in the Construction Industry

We currently work directly with construction companies, providing them with trained and experienced new-construction recruiters, helping them get their team up and running. By taking a human approach to recruitment, we’re able to build positive relationships that last. In addition to employing traditional recruiting methods, we also use our online networking channels. When we have a client who needs someone qualified for a position in one of their projects, we contact professionals through Facebook, LinkedIn, or other social media sites. We emphasize personality and skills over previous experience because many times these people are already qualified for jobs but were just never approached or considered by a company before they found us.

Why Work with Us?

The Link-force is an established, medium-sized recruitment agency that specializes in placing people into new construction jobs and assignments. We pride ourselves on great relationships with clients and candidates alike and we are aware of our reputation within the industry. we believe that it is one to be proud of and so strive to continuously maintain a high standard when placing candidates into new constructions job. This can be seen through our incredibly low number of unsuccessful placements year on year. Therefore, if you are looking for an employment opportunity within new construction, The Link-force would be more than happy to help you find what you are looking for. The Link-force prides itself on offering competitive rates as well as having a turnaround time second to none.